Spotify Promotion

Spotify Promotion

Jasper Jones PR has been in the industry for over 13 years and has been adapting his Spotify service to improve the algorithm.

  • Get on vetted Spotify Curated Playlists
  • Gain followers, song saves, canvas views, monthly listeners, and more. 
  • The audience is made up of Music Fans, Artists, producers, podcasters, labels, and music businesses.
  • Countries of the audience come from the United States.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Spotify Algorithm

Curating your track on a Spotify Playlist can harm your Spotify Profile as the automation world of bot use has grown significantly. We have vetted the Spotify Playlists we submit the track too, to ensure the playlist provides a positive reaction to the algorithm.

Playlist Genre & Theme

Today’s music consumer is more looking to listen to a Spotify playlist for a mood or a reason. Genre-based playlists are not being used as much without a theme. Examples of themes are the Workout theme, Sad theme, party theme, and so on. We


We have vetted the curator playlists in a way to ensure value is provided for your investment. We guarantee exposure with every Playlist we curate your song on.


We provide an extensive end report on each order so that you may review the campaign and its acquired growth from start to finish. In the rare case that a campaign goal did not meet its assumed requirements, a new free-of-charge campaign plan will be included in this report.

Why SoundCloud?

SoundCloud serves a significant purpose in the building process of any music career. While this platform is mainly recognized for its ability to grow fans, with the right campaign in place, it can also aid in achieving grants and funding.

Furthermore, it can offer real and respectable constructive criticism from other real artists and provide collaboration opportunities.

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