22-Day Release Plan

Old Instagram Account  Hacked 

Jasper Jones PR Instagram Hacked

It brings me great sadness to inform you that my Instagram has been hacked. I am working diligently to get the account removed. DO NOT add this account or speak to them as they are doing a cryptocurrency scam.

If you have a moment please report the account to help me get it removed. The username is @jasperjonespr


Thank you



Hype The Release

‘Hype’ is defined as extravagant or intensive publicity/promotion of a product or idea. This definition perfectly describes what we provide.

Collaborate & Discover

Together we brainstorm marketing ideas and ensure a personalized plan that suits your single and brand.

Creative Content

Using your artwork, videos/photos, etc. we find innovative ways to capture your audience through social media.

A Successful Release

Expand your audience. Maximize your revenue. Convert fans into superfans. All before your release.

Excite and Entice;

Success Before Your Release

This 22 Day Release Plan is a detailed plan from Day 1 to
Day 22 (your release date), used to create suspense and excitement within your audience. We resize and edit posts to ensure compatibility with multiple online platforms.





We invite you to use our workspace tool, allowing us to share projects and ideas virtually. The workspace has a calendar, inside photo editor, post ideas, quotes, and more, all of which aids in the creative process that goes into creating a “22-Day Release Plan” that is relevant to your brand.

Promote Your Pre-Save Link

When a fan clicks on your ‘Pre-Save Link,’ they are essentially then pre-ordering your new upcoming track or album. This link ensures that your new content will be added to their music app library the instant that it is released.

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