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Old Instagram Account  Hacked 

Jasper Jones PR Instagram Hacked

It brings me great sadness to inform you that my Instagram has been hacked. I am working diligently to get the account removed. DO NOT add this account or speak to them as they are doing a cryptocurrency scam.

If you have a moment please report the account to help me get it removed. The username is @jasperjonespr


Thank you



What Is Mastering? Why Is It Relevant?

The mastering process used in music creation is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, steps in creating a respectable track. It is a way to fine-tune and perfect work before releasing it for public and professional scrutiny. We will find and remove even the slightest imperfections, and continuously communicate with you to ensure you receive a product with the sound you desire.

Our Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Always Master:

  • To ensure your music is up to broadcasting and streaming standards.
  • To create balance and consistency between any collaborating mixes/ artists.
  • Access to additional opinions and constructive criticism from an experienced team.

Why Choose Us?

Using our Music Mastering service will ensure that your end track(s) will sound authentic, balanced, and full of life. Receive only the highest and most professional quality product. We conveniently manage clients and their projects from all around the world.

Involved & Professional Engineers


Specific & Suitable Equipment

Reasonable Pricing & Quality Product

Still Not Sure?
Let Us Convince You…

Please take a few minutes and browse some examples of our past work.

We’ve created a brief collection of ’30-Second Before/After’ clips for you to assess.

Before & After Mastered By JasperJonesPR 

Full Tracks Mastered By JasperJonesPR 

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