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Old Instagram Account  Hacked 

Jasper Jones PR Instagram Hacked

It brings me great sadness to inform you that my Instagram has been hacked. I am working diligently to get the account removed. DO NOT add this account or speak to them as they are doing a cryptocurrency scam.

If you have a moment please report the account to help me get it removed. The username is @jasperjonespr


Thank you



Electronic Press Kit

A website is used to display essentials about your brand and newest release. We personalize the website to you as an artist.

Collect Fans Emails

We connect the Website to your email campaign, we help set it up, and start collecting fan’s emails.

Blog & Vlog

 Blogs & Vlogs are massive up and coming influence tools, we will help set up the functions for you to maximize its full potential.

Funnel To Music Platforms

We guide users to add your music to their personal playlists on music platforms they use daily (i.e., Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.)


A Single Page Website

A Website is essential for music brands to provide their fans with factual information and also helps to convert already existing fans into super fans. Record Labels are more likely to be satisfied when an asset, such as a functioning website, is available.

Mobile Friendly

With 80% of today’s audience viewing your content from their mobile phones, this mobile-friendly comprehensive website design will ensure your content reaches its maximum potential on any and all devices. 

Your Comprehensive Website Will Include…

Latest Single

Blog Or Vlog


Quotes From Press

Featured Video


Collecting Fan Emails

Live Streaming

Contact Info

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