Instagram Engagement Group

Jasper Jones PR and Social Spike Is Teaming Up

Jasper Jones PR and Social Spike have joined forces to share our services to help you grow. We are both music marketing companies that share many aspects, but the most crucial factor is we only provide organic and positive growth.

More Engagements

Engage with provided posts from other artists and music entities to have your post engaged with. Take 2-minutes a day and watch the engagements come in.

Beat The Algorithm

With the power of the Engagement group, your social media posts, use of hashtags, the better chance of landing on the Discovery Tab on Instagram, which will organically help you grow.


Join a network with 100’s of Music Artists in the same frame of mind as you, wanting to grow. Private message them on the Engagement Group App and start collaborating on a new single

Social Proof

Get started today for only 0.99¢, cheaper than a coffee. Start gaining Social Proof on your posts, beat the algorithm, and watch your account grow.

The App

Social Spike has done a fantastic job building the Instagram Engagement App. You can use the app on your phone, tablet, and computer, making engaging and posting your link to be engaged with easy!

Message privately on the app and start networking with other members. 

Verified Accounts Using The App

One of your main goals as an artist is to get verified on your social media accounts, which takes time, work, and commitment. The Instagram Engagement Group is part of your marketing plan, it fasts tracks growth and Verification. We have dozens of Instagram Verified accounts that are utilizing it.

They know it works, and just for the price of a coffee, you can get access right now.

Try Now For Just 0.99¢

Click the button below and message Social Spike on IG to get the low price trial and I will see you om there!

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