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Old Instagram Account  Hacked 

Jasper Jones PR Instagram Hacked

It brings me great sadness to inform you that my Instagram has been hacked. I am working diligently to get the account removed. DO NOT add this account or speak to them as they are doing a cryptocurrency scam.

If you have a moment please report the account to help me get it removed. The username is @jasperjonespr


Thank you



Video Content

Step 1 is about brand awareness and utilizing your base audience. We gain views and exposure from specifically targeted Facebook/Instagram ads that we create and run for you. This process educates us on your current audience while also increasing Video Views.

Facebook Advertisements

Step 2 maximizes the full potential of your video/ad content. By testing and analyzing multiple ad options, we find the best performing ad and define your lookalike audience. We ensure no time or money is wasted by appealing to uninterested viewers.

Lookalike Audience

Step 3 uses information collected from Facebook/Instagram algorithms and combines it with our personally collected data. Using your lookalike audience ensures that we only target viewers expected to watch between 50-100% of your full ads.

Funnel To Spotify

Step 4 concludes and achieves the desired campaign goal by redirecting the audience to your Spotify track.

Gain REAL Fans

Maximize Ad Potential

Create Brand Awareness


Fans Are Assets

Fans are the necessary foundation needed for any music artist to build a successful music career. Social media platforms provide us with limitless ways of interacting with any desired audience. Our marketing strategy focuses on creating and utilizing authentic fan connections. Private playlists are known to provide fake results. We do not trust the bot world of Private playlists. 

Facebook Ads

We take full advantage of Facebook Advertisements and use them to observe and target music consumers. We learn insightful information, such as their interests and demographics, which gives us the ability to market towards your perfect audience.

We design the Ads and cover 2/3 of their running costs. We only ask that you pay 1/3 of Facebook’s Ad Costs. Multiple spending options are available to collaborate with any budget.

What We Need From You:

– A Music Single (released or un-released)

– Music Video / Quality Video Content

– Business / Advertising Facebook Account

Don’t have a Facebook Business or Advertising Account?

Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered!

We will guide you through the set-up process for these accounts before moving forward with your Spotify Growth service campaign.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!